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We're excited to announce that we have redesigned our tabard! It was time for a change, and we wanted something that was both stylish and represented us as a guild.

We hope you love it as much as we do!

On the left is the standard guild tabard and on the right is the Renowned Guild Tabard.

Thank you to everyone who submitted their design and who voted in the poll.

A special thank you to Skagerrak for her photoshop skills!

Blast Furnace, undone!

Mishawee posted Jun 18, 15

The DotH raid brought down Blast Furnace tonight on our first attempt! We wiped the floor with this complex and grueling encounter, and didn't even break a sweat. Truly amazing job, ladies and gents! Now we just have to unlock Blackhand -- unless Hellfire Citadel lures us first...

Irons Maidens down!

Mishawee posted May 28, 15

The DotH Raid knows the number of the beast. Blast Furnace looms ahead...

Well done, everyone!


Mishawee posted May 21, 15

The DotH Raid brought down Kromog tonight on the second pull! Well done, everyone!!

With Kromog down as well as Operator Thogar last week, we are now 7/10 in Blackrock Foundry, and closing in on Blackhand!

Bonus: Here are some extra pictures of Tiskin, because he was really feelin' it tonight apparently.

Amori Oh my gosh, those pics. XD Awesome job on Kromog ladies! He's usually a bit of trouble for groups, and we acted ...

Thursday Doubleheader!

Mishawee posted May 7, 15

The DotH Raid took down Oregorger and Flamebender Ka'graz tonight, bringing our raid to 5/10 in Blackrock Foundry! Congratulations ladies (and gentlemen)!!!